Directory of Ministries and Organizations

Who are the first people you meet who represent the church when you attend Mass on the weekend? The Ushers! This cheerful, mannerly, well presented group faithfully come early to attend Mass so that they can open the door for you, greet you and smile. They gather our offerings for the financial needs of the church and assist us in an orderly fashion with Communion. If anyone needs special assistance, either regularly or on the spur of the moment they are ready to spring into action.

Those who do not attend our church regularly are welcomed and feel at home. Lest we forget to pick up a bulletin they are there distributing the bulletins as we leave the church. If needed for another type of prayer service or event they are always available. It might be a fair guess that we, the members of the parish, take this group for granted.

And yet we should not do so because they, too, are exercising the ministry of hospitality, which should be the hallmark of every Christian.

Will you offer to join this ministry? All you need to do is come early, smile, assist as needed and be faithful to the schedule.


Members of the parish interested in becoming an usher are asked to email Head Usher Paul Muczynski at