Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity



The parish community of Saints Peter and Paul is guided by the gospel values of peace, love, charity and community. Our mission is nourished by the Eucharist and we welcome the world with open arms, kind hearts and eager hands that are ready to serve. We will use our shared wisdom to be a joyful, accepting and forgiving community of the faithful.

  • Restored Dome


Temporary Mass Times

4PM at Saints Peter and Paul

8:00AM &10:30AM at Saints Peter & Paul


 Daily Masses 

Saints Peter & Paul - 7AM

M-W-F 12:15PM


Upcoming Events

School Building
Parish Center
The Church


We Welcome All The Faithful



Per the directive by the Diocese of Scranton and Bishop Bambera, masses will be suspended until further notice. Mass will be pre-recorded and uploaded to and to the site.  

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