Liturgy of The Word

“Back Stage” with God’s Word - Children’s Liturgy of the Word

The celebration of the Mass is at the heart of the Catholic faith.  The celebration of the Liturgy of the Word with Children is a liturgical experience that provides young people an environment where they are more likely to become conscious, active listeners and responders to God’s Word. Children’s Liturgy of the Word emphasizes prayer and worship, inviting children to enter into the Liturgy of the Word with a sense of sacred presence. The primary purpose of dismissing children is to provide an experience of communal worship at their developmental level, and enable them to establish the practice and experience the joy of participation in the Sunday liturgy.

Children 4 years old through 6th grade present at the 10:00 Mass are invited to come forward from the main assembly after the Opening Prayer  and be formally sent to the church Sanctuary, “Back Stage” to participate in Liturgy of the Word for Children. Those participating will return to the main assembly at the Offertory of the Gifts.

Anyone who would like to participate in this celebration by becoming a team member, both prayer leaders and assistants are needed is encouraged to contact Nina 825-6663 (3,1).